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Tell Your Story

Tell Your Story

Not only do we believe in the story of the clients who walk into our offices, we believe in the story of the people we pass on the street, stand behind in line for our morning coffee, stand silently beside in an elevator. We want the stories of those people too.

We know it can be scary and overwhelming to even know where to begin, but the simple fact is that there is probably a portion of every life story that someone else could benefit from hearing. Focus on a particular time, event, or circumstance even if “happily ever after” hasn’t happened yet.

Share Your Story

You were created with a purpose and a plan, you have a fingerprint that no one in this world has. That is not by mistake. Your life/story is of great value; it helps to see who you were, who you are, and who you can become. Your struggles whether big or small, are a part of you but they no longer DEFINE you.

Journals Found

Our journals are a way for anyone and everyone to be involved in writing a great novel. A journal gets started by someone who briefly writes a portion of their life story. That person then hands off the journal to a friend, a stranger, or simply leaves it somewhere for another person to find and pick up. Each person who encounters that journal writes a couple pages until it is full. It is then returned to our office and we will share it online for everyone to see where it has traveled, and whose lives it has touched.

Story In A Bottle

Have you ever wished you could take the secret or pain you carry around with you, toss it into the ocean, and let the current and the waves take it far from you? At Testimony Life, we offer the opportunity to do just that. Here, we strongly believe in the power of healing through telling your story.

The Story in a Bottle Project allows you the opportunity to do this as part of your therapeutic process. It enables you to vocalize your story, with the help of a counselor, and experience the freedom that comes with releasing that story to the ocean. It is an indiscreet way to own your struggles with the hope of influencing another who will find your bottle.

Time Capsule

At Testimony Life, the key is getting you out of your struggle and finding healing. We give you the opportunity to have a safe place with us, as well as a place in the environment that is your own.

With Time Capsule, we venture to a place that is sacred to you, for your relationship, or for your marriage. We take you to a significant spot anywhere in your community, or even your backyard, and have you bury your Time Capsule. You have access to go back and visit it; choosing to put secrets in, or take secrets out. You choose to share it for generations or keep it personal; it is your very own underground keepsake.

Garden Box

In today’s world, people are struggling with issues, self-harm, self-esteem, and relationship conflicts. Families are feeling disconnected and destroyed from a lack of growth and problems. There is brokenness and heartache.

Garden Box is where we take horticultural therapy and use the benefits that have been proven with this type of therapy. Individuals and families get to cultivate, plant, and grow life back. Testimony Life has plantar boxes that you bring home and are taught how to construct a a healthy garden. You or your family are given all the ingredients, directions, and rules for the process from start to finish. There is a coach helping you or your family through the process; guiding along the way and counseling for a successful outcome.