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Below are some of the opportunities available through Testimony Life.

The Sponsorship Program

Testimony believes in the story and purpose of every life and we encourage the exploration and actualization of that purpose through our Sponsorship Program.

Testimony is able to use the resources, contacts, and collaborations to help people reach their “dreams.” We have skilled and trained leaders who can teach and coach others to fulfill the potential buried within.

Testimony offers team activities and individual sponsorships to represent our clients on the stage of life. Just imagine the possibilities…

Love to surf, skate, bike, ball?

We’ll cover the fees for competitions, provide merchandise, send you on trips and excursions, promotional representation, set up photography and video promos.

Have an eye for detail and beauty in every day life? Love to paint or capture a moment on film?

We’ll help with material costs, provide models and guide inspirational adventures, provide venue for exhibit, provide public opportunity for vending, provide large conference or promotional opportunity. Exposure to school, churches, events, and conferences.

Writers, poets, musicians:

Help provide a venue and help with the purchase of instruments and lessons. Provide editorial and professional resources, assist with exposure opportunities, Connect musicians for band support, referrals, and gigs.

Entrepreneur Program:

Help with implementation of idea, plan, DBA and fees. Review paperwork, timeline, and productivity goals. Exposure opportunities at events and networking conferences; assistance with art, design, promotion, and collaboration with others in related fields.


Provide insight and opportunity to travel and attend Trips with a Purpose.

The Dream Catcher Program

Testimony believes in people and their stories.
We also believe in the power of taking those stories; those painful, tired, damaged stories, and turning them into something new and beautiful.

The Dreamcatcher Project is the creative and positive outlet for individuals who wish to share their stories in an artistic and more abstract form. The story teller creates the dreamcatcher by hand, incorporating items and images which represent special parts of their story. They also write and attach the associated story to the dreamcatcher to symbolize their life, their struggle…their dreams.

These dreamcatchers are the unique, creative expression of emotional times in the storyteller’s life and no two will be the same in size, color, and style. The dreamcatchers are available to people for donation as symbols of hope and inspiration, for others who are still immersed in their struggles. They represent a dream realized for those who dream of life better, healthier, sober.

In addition to the struggles of Testimony clients, the dreamcatchers can tell the stories of people across the globe. With the simple materials used to create dreamcatchers, people in third world countries can make their stories known through the sale of their created dreamcatchers, providing valuable sources of income to struggling populations.

Trips With A Purpose

Testimony believes true perspective can only come through experience.
Yes, it is moving to see pictures of starving children, to hear about the AIDS epidemic infecting masses of people, to see people sleeping huddled on the cold sidewalk they call home. Moving, but dismissible. Now image gazing directly into the pleading eyes of that starving child as he clings to your leg; meeting the eleven-year old girl raising her three younger siblings because no one older is left alive; handing a warm plate of food to the homeless and hopeless from the streets. Not so easy to dismiss now.

Providing opportunities to experience the truth of how others in the world live causes a deeper impact with a clearer perspective into one’s own life and struggles. Testimony supports trips into a variety of locales, giving people the chance to witness and interact, first-hand the stories of other people.

Trips with a Purpose serve as an amazing extension on the other resources provided for our clients. While we promote these purposeful trips to the clients working through our programs, we encourage anyone looking to “do more” to come along with us. Nothing will have a greater or more lasting impact, or cause more change, than personal experience.

Some examples of trips and opportunities

  • Mexico Orphanage Trip
  • Building Projects
  • Inner-City Work With Homeless
  • Habitat For Humanity
  • Skid Row Outreach
  • San Francisco Service Project
  • Meals On Wheels To Aids Patients
  • Hospice Care Experience
  • Surf And Building Project Trips
  • Africa Humanitarian Trip
  • Children’s Hospital
  • Retirement Center Experience

The Legacy Program

The Legacy Program offers your family a priceless keepsake to pass down for generations: a beautiful, hardbound book chronicling the life story of your loved one. A Legacy writer will meet with your family member and conduct in-depth interviews, and then pen the story which will preserve the heart and spirit of your family member in a way that a picture never could. The stories will not be forgotten, the lessons learned will be recorded, and the message your loved one wishes to leave the world will be preserved forever.

Most people aspire to write their memoirs. Sadly, however, most of us lack the time or ability to see this goal realized within our lifetime. Legacies offers the services of professional writers and editors to preserve these life-long memories for you, leaving you with a beautifully written book that captures your loved one’s life story in print. You can personalize the book which is written about your loved one to reflect their individuality.

For example, you can incorporate:

  • Chronological ordering of chapters in a traditional format
  • Theme-based chapters ranging from “Love”, “Career”, and “Family Life” to “Hobbies”, “Life Lessons” or “Faith.”
  • Major life events creating chapters such as attending college, a first job, marriage, or the birth of a child
  • Family pictures
  • Family members’ perspectives to make it a more personal project for everyone

Stopping Time

You may be wondering….
Why would I want to have a portrait session done while I’m going through counseling? This is the most difficult time of my life, do I really want to capture it on film?

Testimony’s “I have a story” portrait sessions with Shannon Rurup are not your typical “sit down and smile at the camera” sessions.

Something magical happens when we gaze at photographs, especially ones we are in. Somehow it acts as a gateway leading us to long forgotten memories and the emotions associated with them. The brain is interjected with so much information every day, so naturally, many of our memories, thoughts, and feelings get unintentionally covered up. Think about it. We are bombarded daily, with to-do lists, schedules and reminders, not to mention the external, ongoing stream of marketing and advertising telling us what we need to buy and do at every given moment. Sometimes we need to take a deep breath, step back, and just think… and begin to remember.

This is the goal of Testimony’s “I have a story” sessions.

“I have a story” sessions are geared around 4 main questions:

  1. Who am I?
  2. Who are you?
  3. Who are we?
  4. What is my/our story?

The outcome of these sessions is a series of photographs, which become a tangible reminder of the answers to these questions and a reason to continue moving forward, even when times are tough.

“I have a story” portrait sessions are for individuals, couples, and families, and since each person’s life is telling a different story, no two sessions are alike.

For more information or to schedule a photography session with Shannon, please contact Testimony Life Resources at (949) 466-2131 or

Click HERE to read about Shannon Rurup.


A place where teens are understood, accepted, embraced and supported by a team of people with unlimited resources who want to invest in them…because they’re worth it.

Remix is designed to help teens establish a stronger sense of who they ARE and preventing them from becoming who they’re NOT. Most adult issues develop during the critical time of adolescence. Remix is intended for any adolescent/teen searching, exploring, questioning, struggling, hurting… lost. This package includes but is not limited to:

  • Drug Diversion Groups
  • Individual Counseling
  • Adventure Activities
  • Spiritual Discussion Groups Self Esteem Groups
  • Teen Testimony Groups
  • Community Outreach
  • Odyssey Groups


RENEW a customizable package for adults. RENEW is all about you. Finding out who you are, what you want to be and helping you get there.

  • Individual counseling
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Mentors
  • Testimony Process Group
  • Life Mapping
  • Life Skills Training
  • Adventure Activities
  • Testimony Women and Men’s groups
  • Odyssey group

24 hour support and accountability