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Get Involved

You have realized your self-value, you have told your story, now is the time to go a step further. Help us in our mission to encourage more individuals, just like yourself, to testify to the story of their lives. Whether it be friends or family, the more testimonies we receive, the more lives will be saved.

Yes we are all different, but if people begin to realize that we ALL have common issues, and they begin to administer the advice provided by others testimonies in their own lives, healing will start to occur. No problem is too small. Globally, we have the capability to change the world, one step at a time, so let’s make it our duty to discover what makes everyone unique, because we all have stories to tell.

But only with your help can we continue with our mission. Help us, donate to our cause, and watch what happens.


Experience a new perspective. Join one of our volunteer opportunities or share with us an opportunity to volunteer.

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A safe community of people committed to being honest, open, and transparent with each other and themselves. At their core Testimony groups exist to provide support to individuals struggling with difficult circumstances. Testimony Groups are facilitated by a staff member that gently reinforces boundaries and helps to interpret some of the more difficult portions of stories. In this safe environment, confidence grows stronger as a result of the acceptance received after honestly expressing one’s true self.

Testimony Groups are a time of connection with an authentic community that ultimately leads to a deeper connection with one’s self and within relationships.