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Struggles We Address

At Testimony Life, we understand that none of us are strangers to struggle. Our society encourages us to hide these parts of our lives, but at Testimony Life we encourage sharing our stories and defining our struggles in order to help ourselves and others. Here are a list of the struggles we address.

Relationship Struggles

There are many examples of Relationship Struggles and often the more power the relationship has in our lives the greater our struggle may be. At Testimony Life we are aware that each relationship has it’s own unique complexities. We help individuals to understand their identity, strengths and “power”, enabling them to positively impact their relationships. We provide support, tools, and help with understanding healthy boundaries. Please feel free to contact us and we can discuss with you the struggle and the CAS process that may work best for you and or the parties involved.

Marriage & Relationships

The world is a busy place with countless deadlines, demands, errands, chores, obligations. It can be difficult to find the time for the basic necessities like sleeping and eating, let alone the growth and nurturing of that most intimate relationship: marriage.

At Testimony Life, we provide resources and programs in creative ways to help couples find value and meaning in their life together!

Our team of professionals equip people to do something different. We’ve created an innovative approach to restore hope and healing to marriages. With 3 vital components: Counsel, Adventure and Spirit, we help individuals resolve life issues, find their value, and discover personal truths – along with their unique strengths. Strengthened, they become better partners.

Testimony understands the dual struggle between professional and personal life. We grow and change and it takes a conscious choice to put in the work and effort to keep a relationship healthy and strong. Testimony gives couples the tools to obtain and continue a healthy relationship.

We offer individualized packages and programs for couples who need the tools to obtain and continue a healthy relationship. Our team approach integrates three key components to change your relationship forever: Counseling, Adventure and Spirit.

If your relationship is in trouble, you may try the Relationship Rehab.

Or try our Marriage Boot Camp. It’s like an at-home retreat, spread out over four consecutive weekends. The core components integral to Testimony: Counseling, Adventure and Spirit are explored. Boot Camp couples participate in activities and challenges to take place over the course of the weekend. All activities, sessions, food, and certified child sitters are provided.

Teen & Young Adult

Being a teenager or a young adult is difficult in today’s society. The amount of issues and struggles because of the amount of issues and struggles in the school system and the busyness of parents and families. We also know that it is a time that they are becoming individuals and finding their own identities. It is difficult to figure out without insight from other, besides mom or dad.

At Testimony Life, we are all about helping individuals helping find their identity and how that identity works with others in their relationships. When it comes to the teen and young adult, we specialize in this area because we do whole body experience. It is about self-discovery. Teens and young adults are in constant transition and we are aware of this and how teenagers are ever transitioning; whether it be from class to class, teacher to teacher, or friend to friend. Their drama and world is constantly changing. Our program of CAS (Counsel, Adventure, Spirit) is like a life rehab and is very exciting and inviting to a teen and young adult because it actually makes sense. Inviting and highly effective because of the approach we use.

Whether you are a teen or a parent or guardian of a teen or young adult, Testimony has many programs and abilities to help the struggle they may have. For example, if you are a teen struggling with an issue, this “issue” is probably affecting your education, home, thoughts, friends, and physical abilities; everything in your life. In this case, Testimony would do our program of CAS.

Yes, you could just have counseling and psychotherapy with one counselor. We would help build a relationship with the proper counselor for your teen. A life coach would be leading your teen through activities while counseling and addressing the issues. Hiking, fitness, and guitar lessons are examples of just some of the many hands-on opportunities we offer. Our spiritual component would help address thoughts and ideas to help them better understand a deeper calling or higher purpose in regards to changing their life. So, this is what a week would look like: psychotherapy might be on Monday, a hike could be on Tuesday, and guitar lessons on Thursday. Every week would be different and the goal would be helping the individual in their struggle or addiction. We would help grow the individual, their relationships, and rebuild the family; all the while getting them back into their school or work environment

Also, please refer to our Academic Coaching

Eating & Nutrition

At Testimony Life we recognize that nutrition is a vital part of an individuals overall wellbeing. “You are what you eat”, and sound nutritional habits can be life changing. Whether you need very little guidance or a whole new approach to your relationship with food, our team is here to help you discover a nutritional plan that works for you.

Parents & Families

As parents, we understand that you are always seeking to be better parents and have meaningful relationships with your kids. And that, in our society, we are faced with limited time to invest and spend with our children.

At Testimony Life, we offer counseling to open up these issues, and address these with goals and a treatment plan. As in all areas of Testimony, we do this through CAS. We encourage this method as it has proven to be an innovative way to problem solve our issues with family. Imagine a father-son kayaking counseling session, or a therapy session set on a hike, for a mother and daughter outing. We have found that this is an exciting new way to open up communication for the whole family.

Our services are often beneficial for parents in particular. They offer insight into the dynamics they have brought into their families as individuals, and how to consequently address these issues as a team to solve conflicts, instead of as individuals struggling to work through separate parenting strategies.

On top of the CAS method, we have many services/programs to offer the whole family. Check out our Programs We Provide. Our goals are to help each individual discover their role in the family, with the ultimate goal of helping the family to work as an integral unit.

At Testimony Life, we know the importance of leaving behind the legacy of a healthy family. We believe that is one of the greatest blessings in life, and we hope to aid you in your own!

Drug & Alcohol

Life is overwhelming.  Addiction is often-times a substitute for the love, community and connections that we long for.

Testimony Life focuses on:

  • Developing healthy relationships, lifestyles, and habits.
  • Determining underlying reasons for the addiction (i.e., Dual Diagnosis)

When dealing with Addiction, creating balance of Counseling, Adventure, and Soul is critical to sustained recovery. Our goal with every client is to address the issues and provide support in the efforts to change, eventually achieving transformation. Our staff walks alongside the person in recovery, offering guidance into a new way of life.


At Testimony Life we offer Individual Counseling, Adventure, or Spirit services independent of our programs and packages. We believe every individual has an identity, and at Testimony Life, we strive to help you understand your own. We understand that you are in relationship with others, and once you understand your place, you can teach others your identity. The purpose of the Individual portion of Testimony is to be able to tailor your counseling services. You may request Adventure sessions. Or simply Counseling. Or emphasize Adventure and Spirit together. We encourage you to take a look at the variety of CAS services offered at Testimony, and to take advantage of the flexibility offered to the Individual.

Academic Counseling

Academic coaching is for students k-12. We realized that many children who struggle with issues are also struggling in school. Due to the fact that many hours are spent at school campus or home school situation, their feelings are also related to their education. A student who is struggling with anxiety may also struggle with how to manage their daily habits and demands of schoolwork. So also, a student who is struggling to keep up with the daily demands of school may become anxious or depressed. A tutor who focuses on school-subject matter, without understanding the dynamics of the student and how they apply themselves will have limited success.

At Testimony life, academic coaches get to know the student and family, and the way the student organizes their life and study habits. The academic coach takes over communication from the parent to the teacher and tracks missing, current, and future assignments. Our main goal is to remove the struggle from the parents and have the student take responsibility for their studies and schooling. This enables the student to take responsibility, the parents to be parents, and the family to be a family.