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Marriage & Family Therapy

The world is a busy place with countless deadlines, demands, errands, chores, obligations. It can be difficult to find the time for the basic necessities like sleeping and eating, let alone the growth and nurturing of that most intimate relationship: marriage.

Testimony understands the dual struggle between professional and personal life and has created a program for couples who may not have the time during the week to devote to the more rigorous 30 or 40-day program.

Our Marriage Boot Camp is like an at-home retreat, spread out over four consecutive weekends. The core components integral to Testimony: COUNSELING, ADVENTURE, and SOUL are laid out in activities and challenges to take place over the course of the weekend.


Uniquely made, we are more than a body and a brain. At Testimony Life, we believe that there is a third part of our being which is Spirit. In order for a person to find and maintain balance in life, they must address the Mind, Body, and Spirit.

We explore the deep issues of your faith, and we work with you in the realm of your spiritual formation. Testimony will help you explore the deep part of who you were made to be and what it is you believe. This isn’t about religion, it’s about experiencing connections and healing – through relationships.

Adventure Therapy

Testimony Life believes Adventure is vital in finding meaning in life. We create opportunities for people to experience activities which broaden the awareness of abilities and new perspectives. Mental and spiritual health are incomplete without physical activity. Sitting on the couch isn’t the same as sitting in the middle of the ocean! Attending to our bodies’ basic needs will enhance the clarity of our thought process. Adding Adventure into our life brings balance and provides opportunity for healing. Sharing Adventure with your spouse, partner and/or family member motivates and inspires hope for strengthening relationships in

Nutrition Therapy

In Home Coaching

A unique approach to counseling which brings a county-trained coach into the home setting to observe the family dynamic first hand and identify issues and patterns which may be causing disruption int he home as they occur. The In-Home Coach is able to recognize and implement ideas for nutrition, adventure, and discipline. The Coach will work with the family, providing tools and resources in dealing with children’s behavior. Suggestions for family plans, procedures, techniques, and parenting skills will be discussed and implemented to develop structures for the long-term growth and health of the family.

Academic Counseling

Academic coaching is for students k-12. We realized that many children who struggle with issues are also struggling in school. Due to the fact that many hours are spent at school campus or home school situation, their feelings are also related to their education. A student who is struggling with anxiety may also struggle with how to manage their daily habits and demands of schoolwork. So also, a student who is struggling to keep up with the daily demands of school may become anxious or depressed. A tutor who focuses on school-subject matter, without understanding the dynamics of the student and how they apply themselves will have limited success.

At Testimony life, academic coaches get to know the student and family, and the  way the student organizes their life and study habits. The academic coach takes over communication from the parent to the teacher and tracks missing, current, and future assignments. Our main goal is to remove the struggle from the parents and have the student take responsibility for their studies and schooling. This enables the student to take responsibility, the parents to be parents, and the family to be a family.

Unlocking Creative heARTs

We all are designed to be creative. Our brains have a unique space, on the right side, to enjoy color, spacial relationship, intuition and feelings. It is a beautiful balance and connection to the left side where logic, language and reason live. Everyone has the capacity. Everyone! Exploring art and creativity can often relax us, unlock feelings, and be a place to express them without words. It can help heal and rejuvenate a truthful freedom in each fingerprint that may have been long forgotten or excite a new and creative way to explore and find life!

Projects at Testimony are selected or designed based on the client’s experience and desires. This can be an artistic technique study, a step by step project, or a variety of other creative projects. Being certified in ART FOR HEALING, Testimony is finding great success in expressing feelings specifically with color and abstractly. In addition, collage, felting, painting shoes, game-building, sculpture and fine arts can be explored. The sky’s the limit.

This Creativity can allow memories, feelings, and unexplored or forgotten abilities that may be trapped to release.

” I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” Michelangelo

Mentoring Program

The Teen

We understand the influence our society wields and the peer pressure that teens face. We also know there are limited resources currently available for parents and teens to use when facing these pressures.
Testimony realizes that many times parents, therapists, and teachers have limited impact on hard to reach kids. We have created a Mentoring Program with young adults and leaders who can build a relationship to help influence teens in a more positive way.
Our Mentors are trained leaders who will spend time with the teen, building a relationship while working through problems. Much like a “big brother/big sister,” the relationship built will be loving, supportive, and validating; a “safe haven” to talk about problems and get help from a safe, non-threatening source. Through weekly meetings and daily contact the Mentor and teen will establish consistent expectations for future behavior and goals.

Issues Addressed

  • Drug/alcohol use
  • Sexual concerns
  • Family conflict
  • Parenting concerns
  • Anger issues
  • Poor self esteem

  • Loss of relationship
  • Depression/anxiety
  • School issues
  • Fears
  • Bullying
  • Peer influences

The Parent

Resources for adolescents and teens facing life struggles and conflicts are inadequate and largely ineffectual. Unfortunately, there is even less available in the way of support and education for parents. Despite the fact that parents were once teens themselves, the ability to relate and understand their children can be deeply buried beneath adult issues. Testimony Life offers support and solutions for parents in order to prevent the pitfalls that many parents face.

Education and support are two of Testimony’s most valuable tools when helping parents learn to better understand and communicate with their teen children.

The Family

A family is a team composed of members who each have a role. Sometimes the members serve to strengthen the team as a whole, sometimes one member can unbalance the strength, weakening the unit. Testimony understands the delicate basis which forms the structure of a family: peace, stability, structure, communication, respect, and understanding. Testimony addresses the unique dynamic of Unconventional families, Blended families and reinforces bonding through understanding, guidance, reattachment, and connections.

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Counseling

Life is overwhelming.  Addiction is often-times a substitute for the love, community and connections that we long for.

Testimony Life focuses on:

  • Developing healthy relationships, lifestyles, and habits.
  • Determining underlying reasons for the addiction (i.e., Dual Diagnosis)

When dealing with Addiction, creating a balance of Counseling, Adventure, and Spirit is critical to sustained recovery. Our goal with every client is to address the issues and provide support in the efforts to change, eventually achieving transformation. Our staff walks alongside the person in recovery, offering guidance into a new way of life.


If you are interested to learn more about what groups we currently have available for you to join, please call our office at 949-466-2131 or send us an email at

Life Coaching

Traditional counseling can focus on the issues and negativity in an individual’s life. However, Testimony Life’s Planning System approaches the individual as a success, not a problem. Life Planning offers a unique approach to counseling in that we support who you already are. We come beside you to discover your strengths, talents, and resources to develop you into the success we already believe you to be.

Life Planning is the process of developing a vision, purpose and a plan. We first establish the need to PLAN, which enables us to PRIORITIZE what is truly important in the basic areas of life. We then seek to provide a means to consolidate and record thoughts systematically. Finally, we encourage new direction and thought process through the use of Testimony Life’s unique Life Planning System.