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Sure, we have offices. We even have couches. But that’s where the clinical similarities come to an end.

We see clinical counseling as coaching. It’s a vital piece of a person’s journey. Certified counselors, licensed therapists and specialized staff trained in specific areas at expertise deal with individual struggles of the client. We encourage a vision, a meaningful life and the ability to stand up in your truth.

Struggles We Address

At Testimony Life, we understand that none of us are strangers to struggle. Our society encourages us to hide these parts of our lives, but at Testimony Life we encourage sharing our stories and defining our struggles in order to help ourselves and others. Here are a list of the struggles we address.

Services We Provide

We have developed a variety of programs to best address our client’s daily struggles.

Resources We Provide

Our methods extend beyond those of traditional counseling. We offer a variety of resources beyond typical individualized therapy.

What Is Testimony

Testimony believes in integrating three key components to build a new, strong foundation: counseling, adventure, soul.

Tell Your Story

You were created with a purpose and a plan, you have a fingerprint that no one in this world has. That is not by mistake. Your life/story is of great value; it helps to see who you were, who you are, and who you can become. Your struggles whether big or small, are a part of you but they no longer DEFINE you.

Core Services

  • Marriage & Relationships

    At Testimony Life, we provide resources and programs in creative ways to help couples find value and meaning in their life together!

  • Teen & Young Adult

    Being a teenager or a young adult is difficult in today’s society. The amount of issues and struggles because of the amount of issues and struggles in the school system and the busyness of parents and families.

  • Parents & Families

    As parents, we understand that you are always seeking to be better parents and have meaningful relationships with your kids. And that, in our society, we are faced with limited time to invest and spend with our children.

  • Drug & Alcohol

    Life is overwhelming.  Addiction is often-times a substitute for the love, community and connections that we long for. Outpatient programs emphasize breaking a commitment to a substance or behavior and making a new personal commitment to a healthier future.

  • Individuals

    Testimony does counseling for individuals using our CAS method. As an individual, you can select which programs you would like to follow. We believe every individual has an identity, and at Testimony Life, we strive to help you understand your own.