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About Us

Counseling, Adventure, Spirit

Testimony Life is like nothing currently available. Unlike other clinics and therapists, we offer a team of professionals with many resources available in an unique approach.

We lift up the person as a whole through the three main components of Counseling, Adventure, and Spirit.


Sure, we have offices. We even have couches. But that’s where the clinical similarities come to an end. We see clinical counseling as coaching. It’s a vital piece of a person’s journey. Certified counselors, licensed therapists and specialized staff trained in specific areas at expertise deal with individual struggles of the client. We encourage a vision, a meaningful life and the ability to stand up in your truth.


Testimony Life believes Adventure is vital in finding meaning in life. We create opportunities for people to experience activities which broaden the awareness of abilities and new perspectives. Mental and spiritual health are incomplete without physical activity. Sitting on the couch isn’t the same as sitting in the middle of the ocean! Attending to our bodies’ basic needs will enhance the clarity of our thought process. Adding Adventure into our life brings balance and provides opportunity for healing. Sharing Adventure with your spouse, partner, and/or family member motivates and inspires hope for strengthening relationships in an interactive way.


Uniquely made, we are more than a body and a brain. At Testimony Life, we believe that there is a third part of our being which Spirit. In order for a person to find and maintain balance in life, they must address the Mind, Body, and Spirit. We explore the the deep issues of your faith, and we work with you in the realm of your spiritual formation. Testimony will help you explore the deep part of who you were made to be and what it is you believe. This isn’t about religion, it’s about experiencing connections and healing through relationships.

What people who have worked with us have to say

All the counselors are real and down to earth, loving and compassionate and all are very encouraging. The groups are open and it’s easy to talk if you please and not if you don’t. Kayaking is great nature and the ocean is always amazing. Workouts are awesome, boxing as well. No other place I have been to incorporates the adventure and workouts which is really cool because it helps you step up and step out and it helps incorporate the mind, body, spirit. It’s been a great adventure. You make it what you want by what you put in.

God used them to bring clarity and healing into our tangled web of dysfunctional cycles that were so unhealthy for each member in my family. I love how Testimony offers different styles of counseling that fit the unique needs of individuals. My husband and I had some very straight forward and spiritual counseling that brought insight and freedom into our marriage, while our struggling teenage son was able to have meaningful meetings with the counselor at Starbucks which was much less threatening for him. He also had counseling through MMA lessons, and was even able to get some Spanish tutoring while the counselor would then speak into his life when tutoring was complete. I thank God for Testimony Life and would encourage anyone who is struggling to give them a try.

Testimony has been a huge blessing in my life. It has helped me in my journey of realizing who God really is and His calling for my life, as well as my husband and I in our relationship with each other. I’m so thankful for encouragement I’ve received at Testimony.

I was introduced to Testimony Life about two years ago. I had been abusing methamphetamine for the last 12 years, and been in several unhealthy relationships. I had no money, no job, and no hope. The team at Testimony Life helped me pick up the pieces of my life, and put it back together. I am no longer using drugs of any kind and have been blessed with a great job. These people truly care. I was under the impression that my sister had been paying them for several months. I later found out she had only paid them for three months and they were still there for me whenever I needed them and never charged me. I was hesitant to mention this because I don’t want anybody to abuse them, but they are the greatest people ever and don’t know where I’d be without them.

The team at Testimony have an amazing ability to “connect” with teenagers. They were a lifeline to our son through some very challenging high school years while, at the same time, providing wise counsel and support to us. They truly are gifted in what they do!