Testimony began in San Juan Capistrano, CA in February 2010 as an unlimited resource center focusing on counseling, adventure and soul. We wanted to be different than what was already out there and allow people to seek help for their “whole” self.

Yes. If you are interested in an internship at Testimony Life, please contact us at 949-466-2131 or email at info@testimonylife.org

Testimony Life is the Movement we created to expand upon the professional resources offered through Testimony Life Resources. Our movement allows you to get involved and do more and live a H.O.T. life. Honest, Open, Transparent.

Yes. We are a registered non-profit 501 (c)(3), approved by the Orange County Court System to provide and supervise court mandated community service hours. We have also partnered up with schools to help students fulfill the requirements for community service hours for graduation.

Testimony Life is a movement with the purpose of getting you involved! Here are some of the ways you can get involved: donations, join our Street Team, join a Testimony Life Group, share your story, or…your ideas are always welcome. Please contact us to learn of the opportunities we have.

Our services are fee-based. We do work on a sliding scale and it is very important to us that every person get the help they need. Finances should not be an obstacle and unfortunately, too often, hurting people are also hurting financially. Please contact our office for additional information. We accept cash, check, and credit cards.

We work on a sliding scale with each individual client so that everyone receives the help they need. Some PPO’s will allow our charges, however, it is suggested that you contact them prior to taking part in any of our services. At this time we do not work directly with insurance companies and it is each client’s responsibility for payment of services rendered by Testimony on the client’s behalf. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding billing.

Yes, Testimony Life Resources is a registered 501 (c)(3).

Of course! Any financial help is greatly appreciated. Please visit our website for information on how to do so.

Yes, donations are done through Paypal, so you can easily obtain a receipt for tax purposes. If you would prefer to donate through other payment methods, please contact our office at 949-466-2131.

Testimony is always interested in helping out the community. Please contact our office for further information.

f your event is a benefit for Testimony, please contact our office to work with a staff member for more information on having Testimony participate in the event.

All of the logos and slogans for Testimony are copyrighted, so use of them is not permitted.

We would love to! Please review the Resources on our website to learn how to submit your story.

Please feel free to contact our office or send an email to info@www.testimonylife.org.

We would be happy to speak with you about your specific needs, please send an email to info@www.testimonylife.org.

Testimony believes in integrating three key components to build a new, strong foundation: counseling, adventure, spirit.

  • Counseling: We provide professional insight into a person’s interpretation of their story; revealing why and how they think and feel the way they do.
  • Adventure: We provide physical activities for the person, in order for them to experience a new perspective of their story.
  • Spirit: We provide creative resources, connecting our clients to the spiritual meaning of their story and the important purpose of their lives.

Most mental health clinics can only address a few issues. Like dousing one burning tree when the whole forest is on fire, this approach does little to truly assist the person towards lasting and genuine health. While prescription medications can be a useful tool when treating clients, we believe treatment should go beyond. More than just a couch and an hour a week, we prescribe surf lessons, date nights, quiet journal time, fitness classes, guitar lessons. Other clinics just don’t have the resources that we have the ability to offer.

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