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Meet the Team

We meet people where they are in their life journey. We offer professional resources as opportunities for growth.

Randall Smith

Randall Smith

Executive Director

Randall was a licensed marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) for over 10 years. He now is a Relationship Coach giving him more freedom to help people find their identity and nurture wholeness. He strongly believes in helping individuals and/or families learn to deal with life in a more positive and meaningful way. He has worked with couples, families, children, and adolescents. He has experience in dealing with anxiety, depression, anger, family issues, dual diagnosis, and addiction issues, parenting and relationship counseling and coaching. Randall has a B.A. degree in Religious Studies with a minor in Psychology and a M.A. degree in Psychology. His approach is positive and encouraging, and offers hope and guidance as he works with individuals and families. Randall will assist you to better understand yourself and how to communicate your feelings and emotions. He utilizes a variety of approaches including reality-based, solution-focused therapy to help solve issues and resolve problems to help move his clients forward into a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

Tessa Armstrong

Tessa Armstrong


Tessa learned from a young age that her calling is to serve others in need by bringing about comfort, guidance, insight, healing and counsel. She has her M.A. in Marital and Family Therapy. Tessa has worked with substance abuse, couples and family relational struggles, anxiety, depression, and eating disorders. Overall, Tessa works with those wishing to explore themselves and reach deeper levels of understanding and transformation. She comes from a cognitive behavioral therapeutic background combined with a humanistic therapy approach.

Jodie Fasullo

Jodie Fasullo

Registered Nurse and Holistic Health Consultant

As a Registered Nurse and holistic health consultant, Jodie helps individuals and families restore health to the fundamental systems of the body. Jodie believes that our bodies are intelligently designed and will thrive when we give them the necessary nutrition that was originally created for its nourishment. By utilizing God’s provisions in the most natural forms such as real, nutrient dense nutrition and plant based medicine, Jodie helps people become aware of their body and its response to food. In her spare time, Jodie blogs at and teaches classes on nutrition, holistic wellness and essential oils. She is also attending the Nutritional Therapy Association’s Nutritional Therapy Practitioner program to augment her health practice.

Thomas Rodriguez

Thomas Rodriguez

Counselor/Marriage and Family Therapist

Tom graduated with his M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Azusa Pacific University. He has worked with teens, young adults, adults, and couples. Tom’s goal is to help individuals reach a higher level of health and wholeness in their life. He is passionate about helping clients wrestle with the tough topics of life that can help lead them to self-discovery. Tom’s deepest desire is to help each individual experience true freedom in their daily life while maximizing their relationships with others. He has a relational approach to therapy with his clients. Tom is known for his relaxed style and compassionate, intuitive personality. He brings a balanced approach to therapy with integrating psychology and spirituality. Tom is committed to walking side by side with each client through life’s journey. He highlights the impact that thoughts, feelings, and emotions have on an individual and their actions. Tom recognizes that each individual has an identity and he is available to help each client discover their true self. He is aware of the pain that many have encountered through relationships and he desires to meet each client where they are in their process of healing. Tom believes that he can help instill hope and create greater meaning in each client’s life.

MFT # 99119

Cherisse Sayer

Cherisse Sayer

Unlocking Creative heARTs

Early in life, Cherisse discovered her own artistic gifts. She believes that everyone has a capacity for creativity. This, combined with her love for people, drives her desire to help them find the treasure of their own creative way. Cherisse encourages, designs projects and guides any age to discover the right side of their brain; where creativity, feelings, prayer and peace are often found. The process is exciting. It can be freeing and help emotional and spiritual healing. Cherisse studied art in Jr. College and at CSULB. She has designed and painted many murals as well as canvas pieces for homes, schools and churches. Her joy is loving God, family and nurturing those around her. Unlocking creativity within hearts and minds is her passion.

Candi Christman

Candi Christman

Spiritual Counselor

Candi is an instrument for the release of Gods Glory! She offers spiritual renewal sessions using her prophetic insight. Candi uses simple yet profound tools for healing the wounds, lies and fears that have kept one from growing and sustaining a healthy relationship with God and others. A spiritual renewal session with Candi, enables you to experience God in a deeper more intimate way and awaken to God’s purpose, presence and power within you. It is the joy of her life to participate in the healing of hurting people.

Valerie Martnick

Valerie Martnick

Wellness Counselor

Valerie has a passion for restoring the health and wellbeing of a person; body, soul and spirit. She loves teaching the Word of God and helping people uncover their authority and identity as a child of God. Having been a medical professional for the past 22 years in obstetrics and pediatrics, Valerie uses her gifts to educate and counsel others in the knowledge that God wants you well. She believes it is always God’s will to heal you but more importantly live healthy and whole everyday. Through specialized sozo counseling, Valerie leads you to discover the power of God’s word which can set you free from sickness and pain, and deliver you to live a life of complete health.

“Beloved, I pray that you may prosper and be in health, just as your soul prospers.”
3 John 1:2

Shannon Rurup

Therapeutic Photographer

Shannon Rurup developed an interest in photography after the birth of her first son eighteen-years ago. Since then, that interest has fully bloomed into a contagious passion that she seeks to share with others. Her vision as a photographer is one of a storyteller. If a picture tells a thousand words, then a series of them writes a story and that is what she seeks to do, tell your story, through God’s divine inspiration and her camera. She has worked with children, adults, couples, and families in a variety of different settings. Her passion is connecting with people and she believes the reason she has been through so many difficult situations in her own life is so she can relate to others with similar circumstances.

What others say about us

All the counselors are real and down to earth, loving and compassionate and all are very encouraging. The groups are open and it’s easy to talk if you please and not if you don’t. Kayaking is great nature and the ocean is always amazing. Workouts are awesome, boxing as well. No other place I have been to incorporates the adventure and workouts which is really cool because it helps you step up and step out and it helps incorporate the mind, body, spirit. It’s been a great adventure. You make it what you want by what you put in.

Testimony Life was a life saver for my marriage and family! God used them to bring clarity and healing into our tangled web of dysfunctional cycles that were so unhealthy for each member in my family. I love how Testimony offers different styles of counseling that fit the unique needs of individuals. My husband and I had some very straight forward and spiritual counseling that brought insight and freedom into our marriage, while our struggling teenage son was able to have meaningful meetings with the counselor at Starbucks which was much less threatening for him. He also had counseling through MMA lessons, and was even able to get some Spanish tutoring while the counselor would then speak into his life when tutoring was complete. I thank God for Testimony Life and would encourage anyone who is struggling to give them a try.

Testimony has been a huge blessing in my life. It has helped me in my journey of realizing who God really is and His calling for my life, as well as my husband and I in our relationship with each other.

I’m so thankful for encouragement I’ve received at Testimony.

I was introduced to Testimony Life about two years ago. I had been abusing methamphetamine for the last 12 years, and been in several unhealthy relationships. I had no money, no job, and no hope. The team at Testimony Life helped me pick up the pieces of my life, and put it back together. I am no longer using drugs of any kind and have been blessed with a great job. These people truly care.

I was under the impression that my sister had been paying them for several months. I later found out she had only paid them for three months and they were still there for me whenever I needed them and never charged me. I was hesitant to mention this because I don’t want anybody to abuse them, but they are the greatest people ever and don’t know where I’de be without them.

The team at Testimony have an amazing ability to “connect” with teenagers. They were a lifeline to our son through some very challenging high school years while, at the same time, providing wise counsel and support to us. They truly are gifted in what they do!

The people at Testimony Life are awesome! I had one of the counselors as a bible teacher at my school. My life has been forever impacted by his work and the great people at Testimony Life.

Testimony has helped me over the years. I’ve moved many times and they have counseled me from bad places to good places.